VICATS: Video Content Analysis for Automated Traffic Surveillance

This project aims at developing novel real time and robust video content analysis algorithms for video surveillance and traffic monitoring, with special focus on tunnel surveillance.
This Project focused on the development of robust and highly performing computer vision algorithms for real-life automated video surveillance and traffic monitoring. The developed algorithms were applied in a software module for video content analysis and integrated into operational video surveillance systems, as well as in newly installed systems. The target application is surveillance of critical traffic infrastructures, and main focus of this project will be on the tunnels. However, the obtained results can be applied to other critical parts of the transportation system.
The developed video surveillance systems are reliably tracking moving objects such as pedestrians and vehicles, and reporting their annotated trajectories to the threat assessment module for evaluation, thus making a surveillance system capable of performing tasks that were not possible with ordinary CCTV systems. The system is meant to be fully automated, without any need for a human operator to initialize it, and should work all the time and in all weather conditions.
This project has been selected as success story on EU level.

Main tasks and responsibilities of BioSense Center were:

  • Development of new state-of-the-art solutions for video content analysis;
  • Building closer relations between URSUS group and Traficon;
  • Further development of scientific collaboration between URSUS and TELIN (IPI),
  • Employment of new researchers;
  • Getting better position in the research community dealing with development of intelligent surveillance systems.

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