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Matija Žulj
CEO Agrivi

Digital transformation of agriculture is affecting the entire world. BioSense Institute gathered renowned experts in the industry to push R&D activities in Europe to the next level. Collaboration with BioSense Institute always addresses new and unresearched areas of digitization of agricultural value chain, effective project coordination and smooth communication between all project stakeholders.

Oskar Marko
Institute BioSense

The reason why I am extremely proud to be part of the BioSense Team is that it gives me the opportunity to be a part of the world. For me, it's a great thing that the city where I grew up has the European center of excellence for the application of IT in agriculture and that it is exactly us who are pushing the boundaries of the world-class research and development today.

Djordje Djukić

The AgroSense digital platform is very useful in many ways. The precise weather forecast helps me to plan the activities on every parcel, but most importantly, the satellite indices of crops that describe plant growth, photosynthesis intensity and the availability of water and nutrients really helped me to understand better the condition of the crops and know what plants need. I managed to optimize every step of the production.


Member of the University of Novi Sad