15. 03. 2024.

The Future of Climate Smart Farming

The role of the BioSense Institute in the Climate Farm Demo project

In the dynamic landscape of agricultural innovation, the BioSense Institute has emerged as a partner in the Climate Farm Demo project, a European initiative dedicated to advancing climate-smart farming. With a leadership and co-leadership role in several work packages and tasks, BioSense Institute is at the heart of efforts to drive forward-thinking practices in agriculture, reflective of its expertise.

The Climate Farm Demo, with its expansive network of 1,500 Pilot Demo Farmers across 27 European countries, is strategically positioned to accelerate the transition toward a carbon-neutral agricultural sector by the EU’s 2050 target. This project, which started in October 2022 and runs until September 2029 under the Horizon Europe funding program, aims to enhance the adoption of climate-smart farming through a collaborative framework involving 66 partners and 10 work packages. It engages with technical and social innovations through 4,500 demo events and 10 Living Labs, facilitating knowledge exchange and incentivizing the adoption of sustainable practices.

The BioSense Institute, with its multifaceted contributions, ensures the seamless flow of knowledge across the project’s landscape, bolstering the collective journey towards climate-smart innovation through communication, exploitation, and dissemination strategies and activities. As the project unfolds, the Institute’s role in harmonizing the efforts of the Pilot Demo Farmers network and overseeing pivotal demonstration events underscores its commitment to fostering a future where agriculture and sustainability are inextricably linked.

At the heart of these endeavors was the recent annual meeting in Cork, Ireland, a melting pot of ideas and aspirations that showcased the project’s communal drive. This event highlighted the collective resolve to nurture sustainable farming practices and served as a crucible for actionable insights and groundbreaking innovations. In its pivotal role overseeing dissemination, exploitation, and communication within the Climate Farm Demo project, the BioSense Institute facilitated a workshop. This session convened national coordinators and project partners, prompting an exchange of innovative ideas and tactics to enhance and escalate dissemination efforts at both the project scale and wider context.

The Climate Farm Demo project stands as a beacon for sustainable agriculture. Within this framework, the BioSense Institute continues to demonstrate its pivotal role as a leader of change and a proponent of innovation. For a more in-depth exploration of the project’s activities and the institute’s role, please visit the Climate Farm Demo project website. Stay updated on the latest developments of the Climate Farm Demo by subscribing to the newsletter and following social media platforms, where they share insights into the project’s progress and activities.


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